Marek Winery

Accommodation in South Moravia

Vineyard area near Brno in South Moravia offers accommodation in rustic wooden Norwegian-style log cabins with a shower and a toilet, four-bed suites or double studios with bathroom. We have 31 beds available. The premises include extensive outdoor spaces surrounded by vineyards.

Unique cellar complex

In the winery there is a cellar complex which dates back to 1321. It was built in the soft sandstone in the length of 467 metres and was completely reconstructed in 1994. In addition, we have above-standard facilities which include a conference hall for 50 people and a wine bar.

Excellent access from Brno

We are located only 8 km from the motorway. This is one of the reasons why we are a popular destination for visitors to Brno trade fairs. Since February 2013 we have been partners of Czech Discovery and as agro hosts we offer parking and discounts for motorhomes.